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Your Essay writing plan: Getting started and where to go next

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

College or university students always experience tension in regards to completion of their assignments. There are instances when they find themselves having more than two essays to write with a stiff deadline to meet. When this happens, it is important for the student to begin planning himself/herself early enough. They should have in mind how they will meet all the deadlines for the essay papers expected from them. Beginning the planning process early enough has been found to minimize anxiety while at the same time gives you an idea of what to do next In this regard, it is important to consider a custom essay writing help to get good grades and remarks that is pleasant from the professor. Through the help obtained from the custom writers, the topic can be researched well before the essay is written. In the end, the final product will be able to meet the standard grade.

The best plan for writing an essay

  1. a) Obtaining custom essay writing help

Nobody can write a good essay if they do not have sufficient time to read, think and do intensive research on the topic which they need to write. In this regard, it is important to have a proper plan on the ways in which you will complete the essay. However, due to the stress related issues such as finances, other assignments and personal life pressures, a student may decide to get custom essay writing help as the first plan to write their essay. Those individuals who write these essays have sufficient time and no tension in regards to delivering quality work. However, as a student, it is important to ensure that the person handling the custom essay understands the topic and everything in regards to it.

  1. b) Getting started

The next step after making a decision to get custom essay help is by identifying the individuals or companies that offer the services. It is also important to check on the pricing per essay to determine whether you will afford it. The issue of quality delivery of work should be a priority when seeking custom essay help. It is because the quality is the only guarantee to keep up with your good grades without which it will be a waste of time and resources. The next step will be calling the company or individual who will be handling your essay. At this point, it is important to have all the necessary information regarding the ways in which the essay should be written. All the required documents should be provided by you to the people offering the custom essay help.  It is also important to give specific instructions to the person to avoid revisions since the time you have is limited. You can provide the writer with some effective tips on what you expect from them to ensure they deliver quality work.

  1. c) What to expect

As a student who is looking for good grades to pass an examination, you have to check with the people offering the custom essay writing help if they conducted a thorough research on the topic as a way to ensure that the content of the paper is accurate. It is important that the professionals do the essay in a responsible manner to meet all your satisfaction. It is only through research that a solid content of the work can be established before the essay is composed.

  1. d) Seeking expert advice

Since the custom essay writing help will be done online, it is important to speak to the support team to understand what happens in case the quality of your work is not met by the writer. The expert team which mostly operates 24/7 should be ready and willing to cooperate with you regarding quality issues while guiding you through the relevant steps that will be taken to write the essay. It is an added advantage to seek professional help online to have good grades thus making the entire process worthy.

  1. e) Spare some time to go through the work

Many students will ignore that since the custom essay writing helpers are professional, they should assume and submit it to the professor like they received it. However, this is a wrong move and decision because there are some individuals who are not honest.

Since the work is done online, they can use any online Proof reading software or they may assume that they will not face any consequences by messing your essay. It is, therefore, important to spare time to go through the work that has been done for you. It is the best way to ensure that the work corresponds to your writing abilities and will also meet your grade expectations.

Some of the issues to check on include plagiarism and grammar to ensure that the work is not done in a shoddy manner. It is also important to go through the content of the work to check if all instructions were followed. In most cases, custom essay writers always revise the essay in case they did not meet the paper expectations but in a case where time is limited for the student, it is important to do it alone to avoid losing marks from the professor.


It may be a disappointment to get below average work from custom essay writing help, but this does not happen all the time. The other important thing to check is the paper formatting used. The custom essay writer should use the proper format while writing the essay to ensure that you get the full marks. I draft may be necessary during the writing process to ensure that the person writing the assignment understand the essay format to minimize on time wastage because of revisions.

In summary, the only sure way to submit the assignment is after ascertaining that all instructions were followed, the paper format is right, the structure of the essay was followed, the grammar is correct, the topic is thoroughly researched with the evidence properly integrated carefully in the paper and lastly, the work is original without any traces of plagiarism.


Saturday, September 9th, 2017

professional writers

Creative writing is something very important when it comes to achieve good grades and students often find themselves stuck with essay writing projects with ending deadline because there is lots of stuff to do for each semester. It takes a big amount of time to process a quality content to gather information and create a unique piece of writing. Lots of issues and hurdles come your way when you are doing essay writing projects e.g. poor vocabulary, poor grip on language to expand titles, approaching deadlines and other problems which cannot be avoided at any cost.

A few years back when technology wasn’t that practically involved in education, students had to face and solve these issues themselves but the good news is that you can directly involve technology to go through all these hurdles as many online essay writing services are offering creative writing at really affordable prices. Along with that, experts have trolled various apps and tools that might come in handy if you are doing your essay writing projects yourself. we are enlisting a few of them to assist you in custom essay help with ease and fluency.


Evernote has become popular since students have got in touch with smartphones. Its not a long time ago, when only a few students were able to have their own personal computer (desktop) to work on their writing projects. Else, most of them were only using a pen and paper to take notes and make assignments. Smartphones have made it easier for them to take notes anytime, anywhere. Evernote is considered the best app to take notes and using tags, locate them easily through keyword searching. You do not need to go through whole notebook to search for some specific topic. Just install Evernote and you are ready to keep important data saved whenever you want.

Plagiarism checker:

Sometimes, student take help from online content and it is obviously a good idea to gather information from wherever you can but important point here is to not to copy the content as it is. You should just gather notes and create your own unique copy of content to score good marks. In some cases, while rewriting the information, students might consciously or unconsciously pick a complete sentence and paste it in their essay and it is totally unacceptable for teachers. They use plagiarism checker to pull out such copy scape issues and when they find students doing such things, they ultimately be strict to them while marking. Make sure to use plagiarism checker before submitting your assignment so that if you have unconsciously written any sentence which is having similarity with online copyright content, it can be edited and replaced.

Google drive:

Once you have made some notes or prepared your content, the next step that comes afterward is to carry it with you all the time so that you can make possible to approach it when needed. It looks almost impossible to do that but to tell you truly, it is just a piece of cake now a day. Like so many other things, Google has helped us here as well. You can use Google drive if you have any Google account signed up to upload your data and approach it from anywhere in the world. Your data which is uploaded at Google cloud is safe and easily approachable so you do not need to keep a hard disk, pen drive, USB or CD with you. Just a laptop/computer along with an internet connection and your content is in your hand.

Online Essay Writing Services:

If you still do not find it easy to write an essay yourself, use online essay writing services. We are going to tell you the easiest way to end up your worries about your essay writing projects. There are some quality websites like

which can help you to make all of your dreams come true by providing on time, high quality genuine content written by professional and experienced writers to make sure that you will score best for your project. Another surprising element that can be observed while placing your order with these services is that their prices are so reasonable and minimal just to make sure that it can easily be approachable for every needy student. There are thousands of projects on the go all the time because they have the most brilliant and efficient writers specifically natives who deal with every project right according to the choice and instruction provided to them. You may need essay writers especially when you don’t have time to complete your essay writing assignment and your grades are based on those final projects. The best thing about these online services is that you can check their completed work samples at these websites. Moreover, you can talk to their 24/7 online experts about your queries about essay writing projects. Hopefully we have offered you the best solution for your concerns. Check these websites and make your dreams come true. Good grades are just a click away from you now!


Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

essay writing

Writing is a super effective habit which can work in so many different ways. If you can adopt writing as a habit, it will pay you off sooner or later but the most difficult part is that how to add writing to your hobbies or daily routine. People who feel themselves to have creative instinct, often complain that they want to share their ideas with society but they often find themselves unable to write on some specific topic. It is not because they do not have sufficient vocabulary but it is something else that is hindering their way. To them, let me explain that writing can be beneficial only when it is more than a hobby. It is worthy to be added in your life like other tasks which you do in routine. Now the question which emerges in our minds is how, and what we have to write daily?

It is not an easy thing to write daily but you can make yourself comfortable and interested in doing a few things. Keep one thing in your mind that writing means ‘writing’. It doesn’t always mean to be a creative writing or a complete essay writing or article. When you want to write daily, you have to write in so many ways so that you do not get bored by your routine of writing. We have gathered here a few things which you can keep in practice if you want to be a good writer. Just be confident and believe in one thing that writing is something quite interesting, we make it a hectic or burdening job ourselves because we keep on the same track and it leads us to drop things so quickly because we start getting bored.

Creative Writing

  1. Write something on a neat, blank paper. You can do it every day if you do not fix the word count for this purpose. You can either write a few lines, a paragraph or a small blog post. Do not force yourself to write, just do as much as you can. Writing on a blank paper polishes your creativity and makes you feel like you have the honor to be a professional writer. Make a file to keep all of your piece of writings together.
  2. Rewrite, or edit something that you have already written. Make one thing clear that you can find so many things changeable or demanding details when you will read your written material every time. You will find it interesting to edit it and write it in some other way.
  3. Restructuring the material, you have already written is yet another amazing writing activity to do. All these activities will make writing a blast of fun for you. You will enjoy writing rather than working with a bored and burdened mind.
  4. Enlist all that you have written. Take out a paper and gather all the material consisting quotes, small paragraphs, lines and short stories. Just make a combined document consisting all that content.
  5. Recheck the foot notes and go through all the reference citations for accuracy. It is not completely a writing job but is relevant and can add taste to your daily writing tasks.
  6. Compose an idea or framework to start working on a brand new idea. Arouse yourself for research and gathering material. Psychology says that a person can lose his interest when he feels things going on a settled route and to keep yourself warmed up, you need new ideas to work on. The very beginning of a new idea makes your mind fresh and eager to work again.
  7. Try to write a summary of a document which you have already written. You will have to take some time to go through a previously written work but once you have read it completely, you will find yourself ready to judge and describe what exactly you meant to say in it. Simply speaking, you will be writing a summary of your previous document.
  8. Ever written an article or a guest post that they rejected? It can be another interesting thing to do when you have promised yourself to write, write and write. Try recomposing that rejected essay or article and try to send it for submission again.
  9. Add a bit of drawing in your writing. Make diagrams, pictures, tables, drawings or relevant charts to add spice to your writing.
  10. Write a reverse outline, go through the documents which are closed with the ending result, try to extract further point to write some relevant information about it.

All of these ten tips will let you add writing to your blood. You can polish your creative skills by writing under different outlines. If you will start writing on blank paper for every single day, you will lose your interest and you will not feel motivated to write. Some of the colleges or academies might oppose this criterion that you should write daily. I seriously don’t understand that how to change their point of view but there is one thing I can claim that they haven’t yet tasted the spice of writing in your life. If you become expert enough to write about any topic, you will feel yourself quite strong, bold and independent as writing gives a strength to a common human being so start writing today!


Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Study help

It is a general concept that achieving high grades is the merit of success in universities so the students make sure to work hard to cover their syllabus, do lots of practice for their assignment writings and work on the skills which are to be used during their academic years. For all that process, ‘studying hard’ is the key which they assume to be the best source of their success. Although it is a very clear concept, still the meanings of studying hard are yet confusing.

Practically speaking, the concept of study is quite changed now a day. Universities not only work on academic courses but also the capability of having a career as an employee or a businessman. Teachers have to polish the student as a complete practical person with professional skills and career capabilities. When the students are assessed for their performance, all of these skills are checked via different tests. They must have an excellent communication skill to convey what they want to. They should have the ability to prove their discussion through the evidence and references.

As far as the academic struggle is concerned, there are many solutions which can make your studies more effective and assist to achieve good grades.

We have listed down a few tips for the university students to be successful during their academic years.

Don’t make things pending:

When there is an assignment, do it right now. Making things pending no matter it is a big project or small, clogs your way to the winning line. It is therefore needed to complete your academic assignments on time. If you will start putting things away for a temporary relief, you will be truly stressed when you will have to manage all the pending things. It is a good habit to complete the assigned work on time. There are so many online essay writing services which can assist you with your assignments and also write an essay, thesis, dissertation for you. If you can spare some amount, you can get online essay writing help.

Have confidence in yourself:

A positive attitude of believing in yourself is the key factor for being successful in your university life. You will have to manage things when you don’t have enough resources. It looks tough, but when you start pushing yourself constantly to sort out things, you will find it the most interesting time of your life. Doing simple things can be easy, but doing tricky things is a way to polish your skills and to enjoy your work. Take a responsibility to do things at any cost and under any circumstances to make your way to the success.

Keep a good company around you:

It is a fact that company matters a lot. If you are surrounded by the people who are not as successful as you are, you will not be motivated to improve your grades. But if you are having a company of highly successful peers, you will always be in a competitive mood, and you will see your goals clearly. Make sure to put things positively as there is a very small difference between competing someone for a good purpose, and to develop a sense of jealousy between you and your competitor. Add competitors to your list to improve your performance.

Never sacrifice your Sleep:

It is a common practice that students keep minimizing their sleeping hours, especially in their exams. It is not a good thing because it not only puts a negative effect on your physical health but also it weakens your memory. Make sure that you don’t compromise your sleeping routine. Manage your schedule in such a way that you get enough time to sleep. When it is exams time, rest well to attempt papers with a fresh mind. Do not over burden your brain or you will end up with a poor performance.

Stay Active in Your Classroom:

Some students do not take class lectures seriously and at the end, they don’t get good marks. Always pay attention to the start and end of the lecture as it gives you the main outline of what teacher is conveying to you. Make notes accordingly and use those notes while preparing for exams because what teacher wants you to know, and the style he/she adopts will be the key to get good marks. If you will attempt your paper according to that specific style, you will surely achieve good grades.

Turn on your Brain:

When you are reading something, preparing notes or listening to the teacher in class, make sure that you are focused, and recording things carefully. It is not important to memorize each and everything which is written in front of you or what you are hearing. Keep important points in your mind and leave the rest of stuff. Overburdening your brain will never make learning effective. Keep selective things in your mind and discard useless information. Make sure that your mind is not diverted to somewhere else when you are trying to concentrate and memorize. Keep everything away which can break your attention

Work on your social contacts:

Your social networks are very important when it comes to your success in universities. Things get better when you are doing them with partners. You can share notes, ask for missing information, take part in discussions, get assistance in assignment making and have a good communication skill when you have a strong social network. All these things are important for being successful so always try building up strong connections.


All of the above-given tips are 100% authentically proven to take you to the path of success and high grades. Keep one thing in your mind that whatever you plan to do, do it consistently. Do not leave things incomplete and make a schedule for everything you are going to do in next few days. Planned things are much better than unplanned and sudden decisions so make it your habit to wisely place tasks under a timetable. All of your academic efforts must be recorded and saved so that someone else might get benefit from that.

How to Use Suitable Words in an Academic Essay

Friday, April 21st, 2017

While writing an academic essay, you’ve to be extremely careful about your selection of words. For instance, you would not include shorter forms or contractions as they indicate casualness and academic writing roll in a formal framework.

Moreover, academic essays are believed to be coherent and uncomplicated so you should ascertain that your words are accurate and factual and that your writing is to the point. This article provides recommendations on how to select suitable words for your essay.


academic essay writing service

Prerequisites of an Academic Essay

The four essentials of an academic essay are:

  • Avoid casual/informal use of language
  • Use suitable transitions
  • Avoid repetition
  • Look out for commonly misused words and phrases

Selecting words that are suitable for your writing can persuade the audience that your writing is genuine and meaningful. If your choice of words is vague or unclear, your readers will likely to be puzzled by your content or might even don’t take your work seriously.

  1. Make Use of Formal Language

Formal informal

Many words which we commonly use in our normal conversation are not suitable for use in academic writing. These involve casual and informal words which we usually use in spoken English only.

For example

  • Use ‘do not’ instead of ‘don’t’
  • Use ‘as soon as possible’ instead of ‘ASAP’
  • Use ‘unattractive’ instead of ‘busted’
  • Use ‘the best’ instead of ‘the cream of the crop’

Select Powerful Verbs

Practically, academic writers favor powerful verbs to phrasal verbs. (Phrasal verbs are a combination of verbs and prepositions and are very common in spoken/informal use of language).

Suggestions include:

  • Use ‘produced’ instead of ‘churned out’
  • Use ‘assembled’ instead of ‘put together’
  • Use ‘eliminate’ instead of ‘wipe out’
  • Use ‘hide’ instead of ‘cover up’
  • Use ‘effect’ instead of ‘bring about’


2. Use Suitable Transitions

IELTS transitions

The role of suitable transitions while writing an academic essay is unavoidable. They help to form an impression of consistency and provide a guidebook for the reader to pursue the author’s beliefs. Selecting a suitable transition that makes the convincing relation will guarantee that the reader comprehends the content the similar way the writer had expected.

3. Avoid Repetition

improve your writing eliminate redundancy


Compactness is also a sign of effective academic writing. To develop an impressive essay, you should know how to write concisely. Instead of augmenting the word count of your content or develop complicated expressions, focus on getting your message across adequately.

Critically assess your content to determine whether what you’ve compiled is crucial to the message you expect to convey.

Examples include:

  • Use ‘comprise’ instead of ‘comprise of’
  • Use ‘stress’ instead of ‘stress upon’
  • Use ‘discuss’ instead of ‘discuss about’
  • Use ‘request’ instead of ‘request for’
  • Use ‘emphasize’ instead of ‘emphasize on’
  • Use ‘despite’ instead of ‘despite of’

4. Watch Out for Commonly Confused Words and Phrases

Commonly confused words and used mistakes

The English language has many commonly confused terms. These words look and sound alike, but have entirely different meanings.

At times it becomes difficult for the writer to distinguish between these confused words. Better would be to avoid them so as to ensure perfection. However, if you still wish to include them in your content, make sure that you use them correctly and at the right places.

Examples include:

  • Accept VS ExceptAccept (verb) means ‘to receive’.
    Example:  Give her some time to accept the idea.Except (conjunction) means ‘apart from’.
    Example: She packed everything except the sink.


  • Affect VS EffectAffect (verb) means ‘influence’.
    Example: The cat’s death affected its keepers.Effect (noun) means ‘outcome’ or ‘result’.
    Example: The overall effect was amazing.


  • A Lot VS AllotA lot (noun) means ‘many’.
    Example: I have a lot of friends.Allot (verb) means ‘distribute/assign’
    Example – He has been allotted fifteen minutes to finish his speech.


  • Cash VS CacheCash (noun) means ‘money’.
    Example: I need cash to make a payment.Cache (noun) means ‘a secure location to store items’.
    Example: The archeologist wanted to discover the former king’s cache of diamonds.


Don’t forget to examine that you avoid informal/casual language or tone. Make sure to write concisely with no repetition. Academic writing is all about facts, so also ensure you make use of the most legitimate sources to back your arguments. Also, ascertain that your transitions make a smooth connection and boost the consistency of the text.

Moreover, you may need to face other confusions and ambiguities. We would suggest you invest in a good dictionary that can help you learn the correct usage of different words. In addition to that, you can also take guidance from online material (including essays, articles, etc.) to see the appropriate use of words in published work. Last but not the least; try to stick to the basics, instead of complicating things by including more difficult words and phrases into your content. Remember, ‘simple and sweet’ is what that makes all the difference in your writing.