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How to Write a Winning College Essay

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

College Essay Tips


Applying to college is tiring and annoying, but the college essay is your only chance to acculturate yourself as a candidate. Writing a good college essay is quite challenging though. As a writer, you need to be very cautious about all the technical elements of an essay.

From writing an impressive introduction to developing a compelling conclusion, you’ve to pay attention to each and every minor detail to craft a winning essay. Scroll down to unearth some of the useful tips and tricks that will surely help you write an amazing college essay.


  • Allot Your Time

Proper time allocation is what that takes your ordinary first draft into something real imperative and extraordinary. Never rush! Try to allocate decent time duration to your essay writing process to give your ideas an opportunity to pervade. However, never prolong this process for more than a month to retain the spirit. If you lay them aside for too long, it’s difficult to attain the similar kind of enthusiasm that you got when your concepts were new.


Time Management


  • Choose Your topic Carefully

While selecting a topic for your essay, make sure to keep the purpose in mind. The admission committee wants to know you better. They’ve looked at your ranks, test scores and areas of interests, so they’re well-informed about how good you’ll be in your class. But what makes your personality stand out in the crowd? What kinks makes your classmates adore you? Choose a subject that presents you as a candid, honest and a charismatic individual


Topic Logo

  • Avoid Controversial Subjects

Some subjects are more controversial than the others. Avoid such topics that make you look like a burden to the college. Discussing your travel journeys that accentuate more about the places you’ve visited will look irrelevant. Also, avoid using a humorous tone in your essay as it will leave a bad impact on the officer.


Controversial Issues


  • Write When You’re Feeling Good

Your writing hugely depends on your mood. If you’re feeling angry, upset or cocky, your writing will reflect your mood and will engage the reader accordingly. Similarly, if you’re feeling happy, motivated or inspired, your essay will convey the similar vibes to the reader. It’s not possible to control someone’s reaction to your writing, but you can control your emotions when you plan to write.


Time To Write


  • Follow the Word Count

Typically, a college essay comprises of 500-600 words. However, the word count depends on the instructions provided by your targeted college. Make sure to go through the guidelines and instruction sheet ahead of writing your college essay. It’s highly advisable to adhere to the guidelines and never exceed the word limit guided by the college. Make use of the best words and phrases to persuade your reader. Try to inspire your reader in each and every added line.


Word Count


  • Ask for Feedback

A typical fallacy in the college entrance procedure is that you require paying heavily for expert opinion. The good news is you can also acquire a feedback without paying a penny. How? Look for the friends or relatives with powerful language skills. Ask them to revise your essay and provide you with a genuine feedback. Respect the criticism and use it to improve your writing skills.


Feedback Heads


  • Proofread

Your first draft acts like a blueprint that needs to be refined and polished to become a finished product. Pay attention to make your draft turn into a flawless essay by keeping a strict check on spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Besides these basic mistakes, also emphasize on the tone and overall structure of your essay. You can even hire services of a professional writing firm to revise and edit your essay for you.




  • Handle Your Subject Well

Your style of writing is what that push readers to continue reading your statement till the end. Instead of focusing on the subject only, make certain to refine the ways to handle your topic. Make your reader curious to keep on reading the complete statement.


Idea Plan Action


  • It’s All About Revelation

The purpose of admission committee is to hunt down students who want to learn and excel, so your essay must present you learning and excelling. Instead of just bragging about or describing the events and experiences, try to include the things you’ve actually learned from those experiences. Explain how these events helped you become a better person. Depict the whole learning process in the finest of words possible.



Your college essays tell something meaningful about you that your test results and grades fail to reveal. It can provide admission committee a sense of who you are, your interests and above all your amazing writing skills. Try these tips to write a winning essay that will surely act as a ticket to your dream institution. Good Luck!




How to Write a Great Hook for Your Essay

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Writing an essay doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t exhibit your talent. The general perception about essay writing is that it’s a piece of content that needs to be well-supported by authentic sources and that’s all about it. However, the fact is an essay shouldn’t be uninteresting or too academic. As a writer, the most important thing is to keep your readers engaged and grab their attention.

Essay hooks are meant to cater the similar purpose. It acts as an introduction and helps your audience decide whether they wish to continue reading the rest of the essay or not.


hooking the reader


Things to Consider Before Writing a Strong Hook for Your Essay

  • The type of essay you intend you write
  • The tone and style you’re planning to use
  • Your target audience
  • The structure you need to create

Why are Essay Hooks Important?

When it comes to essay writing, the most difficult thing is to get started. Especially, writing the first two or three lines is the most challenging part of the whole essay writing process.

These few lines, in fact, help you make or break the interest of your readers. If the introductory paragraph is fresh and intriguing, people will pay more attention to the content. An impressive introduction will also define the purpose of your paper, giving your audience a better picture of the remaining content.


First Sentence


Things to Avoid While Writing an Introduction of Your Essay

Let’s have a look at some of the things you should never use in the opening lines of your essay. For example, avoid using sentences like ‘Hello, my name is and I am going to write about …’. As an established writer, you’ve to be very careful in selecting the right words for your introduction. Introducing yourself this way will give a feeling of immature writing and definitely won’t leave a good impact on your readers.

Keep in mind, your introduction gives your readers a motivation to continue with the content and if it’s not that effective, the readers will perhaps not interested in reading the remaining content.

Another common mistake made by writers is that they omit the introductory part of the essay as a whole. Beginners generally make such mistakes as they’re so excited to start writing on the particular subject that they skip the beginning section and directly start talking about the topic without even providing any introduction. The results are always confusing and you’ll end up delivering a paper that’s not only complicated but highly unprofessional too.


Essay hooks


How to Write a Catchy Hook for your Essay?

  • A Scholarly Quote: This kind of opening is suitable when you’re writing about a specific writer, publication, story, etc. Including a literary quote will give depth to your writing and make it sound crisp and interesting.
  • Quotes From Popular PeopleUsing a quote from a famous and persuasive person can help back your argument and form an impressive hook. However, make sure to relate the quote with the content of your essay.
  • AnecdoteWhile writing an introduction of your essay, try to be as experimental and creative as you can. Starting your essay with a humorous sentence will help you grab your reader’s interest.
  • Include a QuestionOne of the ways to make your introduction impressive and mystifying is to pose a question. By doing so will help you retain the interest of your audience and they will continue reading the essay till the end to know the answer.
  • Add an Inspirational Fact These kinds of hooks begin by astonishing the audience with something unknown to them. Include a compelling fact or definition regarding something you’re planning to include in the meat of your essay and your readers will keep on reading to unearth the facts.
  • State your Point of ViewThere is absolutely no harm in getting straight to the subject, provided you have an impressive take on a topic. You can begin your essay by stating the thesis in the beginning and the readers will continue reading the content to see where you turn up with your beliefs.
  • Always Teach Your Readers Something NewThe most impressive essays will explain the audience something new. Try to start your introduction by exhibiting that a generally acknowledged fact is actually untrue, your audience will be immediately hooked.
  • List StatisticsBy using validated statistics at the start of your essay, you’ll trigger interest that can be followed through the rest of the paper.


Writing a compelling hook for your essay isn’t a rocket science. It’s about how well you include facts and statistics into your paper. Make sure to experiment new things as writing is all about creativity and passion. Take a cue from this post and create an awe-inspiring hook for your next essay. Happy writing!



10 Ways to Become a Better Writer

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Do you love writing? If you’ve always considered of being the next Stephen King or Mark Twain, or if you just wish to write better essays and assignments at your school or college, it’s time now to pay attention to improve your writing skills.

Better Writing

It’s a Never-ending Process

It takes consistent hard work and patience to become an awesome writer. Whether you wish to become a blogger, an academic writer or a storyteller, you need to be in the improvisation process and keep on learning. Only this way you can polish your writing skills and can earn a place on the list of prolific writers.

We’ve gathered here some of the ways that can surely help you improve your overall writing skills and help you become a better writer.

become better sign

  1. Read, Read and ReadOne of the foolproof ways to becoming a creative writer is to read a lot. We know, this may sound obvious, but it has to be said. We would suggest you read some great writers as it will help you find a venue for your voice. Besides focusing on the content, also make sure to pay close attention to the style of writing and the approaches used by the reading
  2. Write a lotAlongside reading, it’s also important to write a lot. Keep in mind; if you wish to be a great writer, you need to write every day or even twice or thrice a day if possible. Practice makes man perfect. One of the best ways to practice your skills is to maintain a personal diary. Start by writing stuff for yourself and then offer your services as a freelance blog writer. You can even start your own blog to establish your audience and can even monetize it later on to make a decent earning.Writing-lots-of-great-content-for-his-blog
  3. Put Down IdeasAlways keep a small notebook with you to jot down ideas for blogs, stories or essays. Write down fragments of dialogues that you hear. Note down the lyrics of songs that inspire you. In short, maintain a record of each and everything that stimulates you. By doing so will help you write better and give you more ideas to write on.note-down-pen
  4. Eradicate Distractions and Just WriteWriting and multitasking are two entirely different things. You cannot write well if you do not pay close attention to what you’re writing. Checking your email in between or chatting with friends during writing will get you nowhere. Turn off TV, switch off your cell or sit somewhere alone to write a compelling piece of content. Eliminate interruptions so you can write without any difficulty.focus
  5. ExperimentWriting is an art and can works wonders if you’re creative by nature. Never hesitate to experiment with your talent and imaginativeness. Experiment with your style, tone, and your subjects. You can even invent new vocabulary and try out unique approaches to refine your write upsExperiment word cloud
  6. Learn to ReviseAlthough revising content is one of the most significant steps of writing, many writers hate doing it. However, the fact is you cannot write flawlessly until unless you proofread perfectly. Make sure to check your content for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. In addition to that, also examine it for the language structure and tone. Strive for simplicity, for precision, and for coherence.revision
  7. Be ConciseOne of the ways to making your content interesting and appealing is to be concise. Try to include the most relevant information and avoid using unnecessarily long and futile sentences. Moreover, it’s also advisable to avoid jargons as it will complicate things and you’ll end up losing your reader’s interest and attention.concise
  8. Make Use of Conversational ToneInstead of using formal tone, opt for the conversational style of writing. By doing so will help you grab your reader’s interest. Even sometimes try to break the conventional grammar rules to make your writing even more chatty and conversational. However, don’t try this thing out until unless you’re confident about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.Your Tone
  9. Use Strong SentencesInstead of using long, meaningless sentences, try to include shorter sentences with powerful verbs. You can do this in the revision phase as you won’t be able to omit absurd terms and sentences in your first draft.verbs
  10. Get FeedbackYou can’t grow in isolation. Avail services of a professional writing company to read your content or you can also ask a friend (preferably someone who loves to write) to give feedback on your stuff. Take criticism positively as it’s an only way to excel and grow. Use this feedback to improve your writing and to make it even more valuable and worthy.
    Workshop Feedback

What do you think of this post? Do you’ve some other suggestions to include in this list? Feel free to comment your feedback and let’s start writing!

How to Write an Academic Essay – The Basic Introduction of Essay Writing

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

As you’ve perhaps observed essay writing assignment is an integral part of almost every study level. Whether you’re attending your high school, doing your graduation or pursuing a Masters or doctoral degree, you need to attempt essays on specific topics every now and then.

Custom essay writing help

What is an Academic Essay?

An essay is a scholarly piece of document that conveys a definitive idea, concept or belief backed by evidence and proofs. It will pursue a coherent structure comprising of an introductory part, a body, and a convincing closure.

Luckily, you can also write an amazing essay if you can follow the basic essay writing principles and write in an intelligible and systemized manner.
Organizing Your Essay
The elementary, most typical essay structure comprises of three steps – introduction, body and an all-inclusive conclusion. This structure is believed to be a standard as it guarantees that the principal points of the essay are comprehensible and well-backed.

The introduction provides the author’s general point and idea. The body provides backing to that idea. The conclusion summarizes the overall essay.

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How to Write an Essay Introduction

Essay help

The first paragraph of your essay is believed to be the most important segment of your assignment. The introductory part of an essay gives you an opportunity to grab reader’s attention and persuade him to read more.
In general, the introduction should cater to the following three particular goals.

  1. Grab the Reader’s Attention
    Start your essay with an engaging statement. By doing so will not only help you capture your reader’s interest, but you can decide the roadmap of your essay writing.Avoid using uninteresting and vague sentences, instead, try to include some surprising facts to capture your reader’s interest and to persuade him to continue reading the essay till the end.
  2. Present the Topic
    The ensuing few sentences will demonstrate your first statement. Make sure to introduce the topic in the best of words possible. Try to use simple words and uncomplicated sentences to clearly present the subject of your essay.
  3. Jot Down an Amazing Thesis Statement
    The last few lines should describe the thesis statement of your essay. Your thesis statement should depict your particular assertion and address a distinctive orientation.


How to Write a Body of an Essay

Thesis writing

The body of an essay consists of three paragraphs (if you’re writing a five paragraph essay). The purpose of each paragraph is to support the claims you’ve presented in the thesis statement.

Ideally, the body of an essay should:

  • Explain a topic sentence or main idea advocating your central argument
  • Include expanding sentences which intensify the topic sentence
  • Provide proofs/evidence/illustrations/sources which connects to your topic sentence
  • Give a closing sentence

Writing a Convincing Conclusion

Tips for Convincing Conclusion

The last paragraph of your essay will be your conclusion and it will restate your main claim. The objective of this section is to shortly summarize the key elements described in the introduction and body segments of an essay.

Alongside re-asserting your main claim, you can also propose future suggestions and give your essay a gratifying conclusion.

Keep in mind, the concluding paragraph should indicate your basic point, but should not reiterate particular illustrations.

The closure is another great opportunity to tie all the elements of your essay together and unraveling that you’ve supported your claim effectively.

Composing the Essay

Developing a logical and convincing argument takes plenty of time and concentration. To compose an essay, you’ll require preparing a number of rough drafts. Experienced writers comprehend the requirement of drafting. Allow yourself plenty of time to outline, write, rewrite, proofread and revise your work.

Essay Writing Process

Basic guide to essay writing

Some of the prerequisites of formulating a persuasive essay may include:

  • Conducting thorough research, interpreting, incorporating and organizing information
  • Evaluating hypothesis
  • Writing and improving your thesis statement
  • Choosing illustrations and references
  • Handling with paragraph structure

Revision and editing is the final step of academic essay writing procedure. The more detailed and accurate this procedure is, the better the final product will be.


Tips for essay writing


Professional Tips

  • Go through the essay question as soon as you get it. Start doing it a way earlier than the due date so that you can have sufficient time to plan
  • Do detailed research and don’t forget to note down all the important points for future reference
  • Brainstorm to produce ideas and create a functioning thesis statement – it’s alright if it is crudely articulated at this stage. You can review and correct it later
  • Start outlining your essay
  • Use standardized English instead of American spellings
  • Use third person
  • Avoid language jargons, slang terms, hackneyed phrases and informal expressions
  • Don’t use gender bias and extremist language
  • Don’t use emotional expressions
  • Be precise and avoid verbosity
  • Use active voice
  • Revise your final version at least thrice to avoid spelling, grammar and punctuation errors

Types of Essays – A Basic Guide to Master Them All

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Essay writing is believed to be one of the most common and significant elements of student’s life. Professors off and on ask their students to attempt essays as it is an integral aspect of their syllabus. Academic essays act as a persuasive approach for the instructors to judge the abilities, intelligence and competence of every student.

There are basically different kinds of essays and being a student, you’ll be required to attempt them all during your educational career. Definitely, majority of students may not have a clear idea about all these types. To simplify things, we’ve gathered a list of all basic essay types so that you can do them effectively if assigned by your supervisor.

  • Expository Essay

As the name suggests, the expository essay is a type of explanatory piece of content, in which writer try to present a theme or subject matter to the reader. The primary purpose of this type is to exhibit an objective investigation of a subject. In expository essays, the writer explains a subject using factual data and present logic in a brief yet all-inclusive manner.

Type of Essay

  • Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays are the very basic yet important type of academic essay. In this type, students are needed to demonstrate an experience, object, place, situation and so on. It gives students an opportunity to form an explanation on a specific experience. This type of academic essay enables writers to introduce their creative freedom.

Type of Essay

  • Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are usually personal, observational and practical. Narrative essays enable students to convey themselves in a creative and impressive ways. Generally, people think that this type of essay is comparatively easy to write, however, the fact is it is not.


  • Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay aka persuasive essay’s primary purpose is to convince a reader about a particular concept and belief. In this type of academic essays, the writer should include logics and evidences to support their argumentations. While attempting argumentative essays, the primitive objective of the writer is to convince reader to acknowledge a certain way of thinking. Persuasive essays require exceptional research and a comprehensive awareness of both sides of the topic you are explaining.


  • Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essay is another common type of academic essay that the students are needed to deal with during their academic career. Attempting this essay requires students to form an outline in which one activity or event caused specific reactions to roll in. This essay type is a simple way of organizing and discussing logics in an academic framework.


  • Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essay basically provide details regarding the dissimilarities and similarities between two events, places, things or persons. The primary goal of compare and contrast essay is that the author must focus on the approaches in which certain aspects or logics are identical to or different from each other.


  • Admission Essay

Admission essay is all about personal statement. It is basically a written statement outlined by a student applying to some institute. Today, admission essays are considered to be an integral element of the university or graduate school admissions process. In this essay type, students are required to highlight his or her personal experiences, academic achievements, future goals and a reason to register to a specific institute.


  • Analytical Essay

Practically, analytical essay means the representation of writer’s arguments in connection with what they’re actually testing. In an analytical essay, the writer will be concentrating on analyzing deeply about some other piece of content. Thus, you require a subject and do thorough research on it to have sufficient evidence that endorses your arguments.

  • Term Paper Essay

Term paper essay is considered to be one of the most important elements in a student’s academic life. It’s a type of lengthy research paper that is formulated by students on certain subject and demonstrates an event, or an idea in depth.

  • Definition Essay

Definition essay is basically a brief piece of content on a particular topic. In order to attempt this type of essay, a student is required to explain a statement carrying complex meaning. It’s in writer’s hands to make definition essay simple if they select a less objective or abstract subject that can be easily refined through education or experience.


  • Critical Essay

Critical essay is an analysis of content such as a story, book, movie or any work of art. The primary objective of critical essays is to exhibit a text or an examination of some attribute of a text.


  • Five Paragraph Essay

As name implies, a five paragraph essay is a construction of essay containing five paragraphs. This type of essay should contain an introduction, three paragraphs containing the meat/body of an essay and final conclusion. The introduction part should explain the purpose or main theme of an essay; body paragraph should include sufficient evidences to support your claim, whereas the concluding segment should summarize the complete essay.