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How to Pick a Degree Subject for You; Solved!

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Choosing a subject for you to study for three years in a university is something quite baffling for the students. There are mainly three reasons for them to choose any specific subject and yet they sometimes fail to come out with the desired percentage. Let us go through those pick points which can be either misleading or succeeding for them.

They Pick a Subject at which they have been getting good marks:

It is might be the most common reason for a fresher to pick a subject. He will simply choose a subject in which he has been scoring good marks at college. In that case there won’t be a matter of choice. They will be all set to pick a subject and go with the wind. It is not always a good decision but somehow it is never a bad choice. What actually can be the reason of failure if it happens so in future, is that it doesn’t support your career or it cannot help you earn a handsome amount. But if your favorite subject is also supporting your career choice, you can be lucky enough to get a dream job and there will be chances for you to get promotions as you will work with full interest.

They Pick a Subject of Their Parents’ Choice:

This is to some extent an old theory and its becoming obsolete with the passage of time but still it exists. About 25% of College Graduates move on with the subject of their dads’ choice. It is totally a ruining idea specially when the student has lesser interest in that subject. If he would be forced to pick a career line of his parents’ choice, possibly he will never get a chance to progress in that.

They Copy their Fellows and Do Whatever a Friend is Going to Do:

It’s a rare scenario but it occurs sometimes. It can be taken as the most foolish act from an educated person. Some shy and unconfident students pick a subject what their best friends are going to choose. You can only go through it positively if you have equal interest in studying that specific subject or else you will regret of your choice. We sometimes take things emotionally rather than wisely. Another cause of picking a subject same as your friend’s is the support, the bonding and cooperation you have been practicing being together but keep one thing in mind, it is not a minor period. You have to study it for complete three years so try to be a little wise.

After going through the conventional theories to choose a subject for university, here are some important tips for you to pick your subject wisely and make it through your university time successfully.

According to educational seniorities and scholars, there are two main factors which literary effect your learning and that must be considered while making a decision for your subject; interest or aptitude, previous score. Both of these aspects carry equal value but the prior one is slightly more important. Interest works as the key element for success.

  1. First of all, make a list of courses which you like to study. Means the subject you enjoy to study should be enlisted. It will be the most initial step you will be taking. Thousands of student enter the university without having a glimpse or idea about what they actually want to study. For that you have to observe what you have been loving to do previously.
  2. Secondly, pick the subjects at which you have been scoring good marks. It is not necessary that those will be the same subjects you have chosen before. There are courses which you don’t find much interesting but you just feel these like a piece of cake.
  3. 3rd step is to check newly introduced courses as well. The subjects which are different from conventional ones are often those with a great scope ahead. Do a deep research and go through the reviews of seniors who have already done those. If you feel like you can do good in that field, you can go for it.
  4. Get a paper again and shortlist the group of courses which suit you the most. You can draw either from the first list or mix it up with the new courses as well if you find them interesting.

Hopefully, you can make a good decision following the steps are given above. If you are still confused about it, here is another solution to your problem.

As we all know that career is highly important for those who are willing to get into higher studies. Basically, there is always a motivation to make a career behind every student coming to university. So it can be the second thing you should consider.

Career Based Courses:

If you have a clear instinct of heading towards some specific career, the decision can be so quick and easy. There are career based courses which you can choose from. If your desired career is somewhat different from the obvious once like being a doctor, professor or lawyer, you can choose a subject that would help. Sometimes the pre-decided careers modify your interests as well and that is a good sign to be successful.

Thorough Research is needed:

Keep one thing in your mind that there is no course which doesn’t have any negativity, cons or disadvantages, list it out. You have to do a deep research, contact senior students, teachers and subject advisor before making the final decision. Don’t be hasty or you will end up doing something which is absolutely profitless for you.

Latest Trends in Women Education

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Years ago, there was a huge gap between the educational standards of boys and girls. Its not mistaken to call that era the age of darkness for girls as they were not allowed to enter the phase of secondary education. It was though considered an unnecessary bold step to allow a girl to step into any educational institute and those who had let that be, they stopped it afterward and didn’t let her go for secondary education. It is a fact that the circumstances have become quite in favor for girls to earn their higher education degree but still there are few limitations around to fight with and to give maximum freedom to girls around the world to choose their desired career for them and go for it confidently.

Today our focus of conversation is to get the latest trends line up in women’s education and try to find out the opportunities to resolve the existing hurdles girls are facing for education.

Making Learning Quality Better than Ever:

Studies show that there is a noticeable progress in the trend of making learning better by using different techniques. Teachers are not to teach only, they are also taught, given lectures, exercises, activities, examinations, surveys, learning sessions, drills and lot more activities to improve the quality of education. It is the generation which is born with technology in their hands, in front of their eyes, by their side and under their feet. You as an elder cannot satisfy their curiosity, their confusions and questions unless you are properly armed for it and for that every elder, whether he/she is a parent or teacher, must achieve advanced education to help juniors learn better.

Gender based Violence:

Violence is an important subject to address while talking about educational institutes. Gender based violence is mostly focused in that regard. Study shows that this issue is prioritize after 2012 and enough progress is made to control gender based violence in schools. Girls have been the victim of such violence and that was one of the reason of their lacking interest in education.

Targeting hard to reach areas:

Like so many other factors, another issue is that thousands of girls belong to such areas which are hard to approach and they cannot be provided with equal opportunity to avail. Late 2000 was the year when significant progress was made to widen the reach of education. Still researches proved that mostly disabled, poor, dislocated and rural girls were not equally entertained. There are hardly 10% of all organizations which are working for those girl who need special education due to disability. The areas which are affected by natural disasters are also not approachable bye organizations due to less resources. It is thus a big challenge for the global political powers to overcome these hurdles to give marginalized girls their rights.

Providing Strength to System:

GPE and UNGEI have taken a good step of collaboration which will strengthen the process of advancement for girls’ education. It has been taken as the most considerable act to build up the capacity of civil services and government as well. This specific bonding is going to work rapidly to support GPE’s efforts and to help other partners which are working in various countries for the betterment of girls’ education.

Equality at gender base:

As we have discussed above that MDG has put a lot of effort to reach the girls who are unable to get any education due to lesser resources, these efforts resulted to lower the standards of existing educational system for boys. The quantity became a major rival to quality and teachers found them helpless about the boys’ dropouts. The boys started showing bad results and poor performance. Researches shows that the organizations which were specifically settled to get girls into education are now emphasizing boys’ education as well. The gender stereotyped in curriculum are main focus and they are planning to design syllabus which has no gender limitations. UNGEI’s work is considered as the greatest contribution to this trend specially through its support of Global Education Monitoring Report Gender Review.

Social Media Contribution and role of Ambassadors:

The bilateral and non-government international organizations are planning to recognize and establish common youth ambassadors, political figures, volunteers and other contributors to spread the awareness to community level so that Girls’ education trend can be supported with full strength. These workers have a lot of work to do as this issue is recognized as a globally renowned phenomenon and we need detail work to spread the awareness at local level. Social media is playing its role via tweets, blogs, reports, surveys, photos and videos, online awareness programs and other tools to help strengthen its roots.

We believe that we can resolve this issue by working hand in hand and we not only need governments or global communities, it is a matter of personal efforts as well. Gender responsive education system is a must to be developed and the quality of education is a section to be reviewed and progressed continuously. As far as the low mentality is concerned, it can be removed by mobilizing awareness about education in rural areas and towns. Still we are really far from being called progressed in the favor of those youngsters with special needs. Our private sectors are not often taking part to remove the hurdles of special children and that is really a sad fact. Everyone should play his/her role to contribute to the matter as it needs really hell of efforts and progress to fill in the gap between girls and boys in the field of education. Girls must be driven to achieve professional degrees as well and the concept of being a domestic creature only should be removed.

Girls are to be respected and they must be provided with their legal rights, but if they are not well educated, they will not be able to understand, demand and fight for their rights. Such nations can never progress where education is limited to a specific gender.


Monday, May 15th, 2017

The youth of Russia is facing the biggest dilemma of the century which is to either support or to criticize Vladimir Putin. Realizing the fact that this is one of their fundamental rights, I understand that if I choose to oppose him, it goes into a long war against corruption. If I support his views, which stands for my vote to western democracy; what actually I had chosen, was to oppose him openly by being a journalist who can write truth boldly but my parents did what exactly most of the parents do, they advised me to stay away from political war. I then left for New York as soon as I turned 18 and said Good Bye to Moscow. What else I should have done when there was so much to do in my mind but I was forbidden.

When you leave your country for a new hometown, it is rather impossible to cut yourself off completely from the place where you were born and brought up. You have so much to forget to settle down yourself but still you find a lot of things which seem similar to your old hometown and this happened to me as well. I started feeling that there are things which are quite the same between Moscow and New York.

Putin and Trump are greatly described as populists by their countrymen. When similarities goes beyond the limit, the two persons who are involved start making statements in each other’s favor especially when we are talking about politics. Putin has a charge of being a killer and Trump has strongly defended that. I can’t explain the reason of his point of view but somewhere it is the odd sync among these two which is working behind. As far as the Russian favor for Trump is concerned, a Russian foundry has introduced a silver coin with the bold statement of “In Trump We Trump”. What a great turn!

It is only a month passed in Trump’s presidency and everything has suddenly changed. New York University is visibly under a great panic as I have seen a girl sobbing in one of the professor’s office. She was confessing to be quite inactive for Trump’s victory. University looks like an abandoned place as the halls were empty of students; No lectures were given. Students got mail from the program director to stay at home to be safe. I, couldn’t sleep a bit that night. It was gloomy in my small apartment where I swallowed Indian takeout and cried like an angry kid.

The presidency of Trump was a state of fear for me. I don’t understand why, but whenever I looked at the ‘Trump Tower’ in front of my building, I got perplexed…! Where was the inner me which Moscow brought up? Why I was afraid of telling the truth? Why I felt like handcuffed? I couldn’t even raise voice against the disgusting act done by thugs of New York when they wrote “Trump!!!” all over the walls of Muslims’ mosque.

Among so many changes that has happened after Trump’s victory, there is a very vivid one that Americans’ behavior has changed to bits about their exposure of political views. They used to keep their thoughts about politicians so private. I never saw anything opposing or supporting any political party at university except a hat worn sarcastically saying ‘Make America great again”. Now everything is changed and I have reminded Russian’s bold and clear voices supporting Putin. They were never afraid of anything as they were wining with majority. Some of the supporters I knew personally as my friends. Few of them voted for him just with the flow but they truly got devoted after the anti-Russian sanction started by the western countries.


New York has always been welcoming to all immigrants. No matter from which country they are, they are the same. They are not expected to do as the Roman’s do. Everyone has his own personality. There is no need to mix up to stay there. I am still recognized as a Russian, possibly due to my accent, as so I am always asked about Vodka, mail ordered-brides and communism. Putin is also one of the most questioned subject and Russian hackers too. It is possibly the start of boldness around the country and the voices will never get stopped again.

New York, apparently a safe place is in a doubted state now. I must say that although it is full of constructive peaceful minds, still I am perplexed about the future after the scenario which was created on 3rd Feb. 11 people reportedly doing a protest against a speech given by Gavin McInnes were arrested. He is known for his “Proud Boys” group which is famous for its sexism and racism. Russia emphasizes the story by saying that the protest was genuinely violent as McInnes was pepper sprayed. He then tweeted that “being called a Nazi burned more”. He added that your parents are spending more than 30k pr semester to make you stupider.  Trump’s statement emerged in a tweet saying all the students are “professional anarchists”

I strongly deny the statement here. No matter how silent I have been for all that happening previously, but I stand for my honor, for my fellows’ respect. We are not professional anarchists. We are students of country’s topmost university. We are by no mean “Stupid”.

I hope that the voice of New Yorkers will never stop now. Unlike Moscow, where we failed to changed circumstances, the independent, bold and courageous America will never back off.

How to revise your content to make it Even more Effective

Monday, May 1st, 2017

An awkwardly written paper with typos and grammatical mistakes may cause refusal. Moreover, if you have a blog, these errors won’t do anything to augment traffic in your site. So it’s unavoidable to revise and edit your content. Scroll down to know the six basic revision steps that will help you craft a better paper than ever before.

Step 1 – Always Write and Revise on Two Different Days

Never write and revise on the same day. While writing, every written word seems like perfection. However, the fact is if you read the similar content the very next day, you’ll observe that every written word is far from perfect.

Important is to give yourself sufficient time to revise and edit content. We would suggest you to at least wait for a day or two before you revise. However, if you don’t have that much time, at least allow yourself few hours before final revision and editing.

Step 2 – Examine Your Introduction

An introduction is always clear, intelligible and easy-to-understand. It gives your audience an indication of what to expect from the rest of the content.

Evaluate the accuracy of your introduction. Review the introductory part of your paper twice or thrice to ensure that your argument is stated clearly and precisely. Avoid using jargons or difficult words and edit them if you’ve included any complex terms or phrases in this part. Remember, the purpose of an introduction is to grab your reader’s attention.

Step 3 – Assess the Structure of Your Content

A well-structured essay or paper gives readers a clear perspective about your writing. Ensure that your content is correctly structured. For example, If you’re writing a ‘how-to’ article, try to follow the proper sequence. Similarly, if you’re doing a thesis paper, your main argument should be presented at the start of the paper.

Step 4 – Eliminate Repetitive Language

Instead of using unnecessarily long and complicated sentences, try to stick to the simple and clear words and statements. If you can convey your concept in a single sentence, try not to elongate it in 2 or 3 lines.

While revising, make sure to pay attention to the repetition of words to avoid redundancy. Don’t repeat your ideas and beliefs again and again as it may lead to distracting your reader.

In addition to that, also make the structure of repetitive sentences perfect. Avoid using similar verbs or subjects at the start or end of the consecutive sentences.

If there are repetitive words within a sentence, try to substitute them with suitable alternatives. Make use of a thesaurus to determine the best possible substitutes.

Step 5 – Read Your Text Out Loud

One of the ways to form seamless transitions between sentences is to read your text out load. By doing so will help you assess the flow and you can make amendments accordingly. Tuck in transitional words to edit blunt transformations in ideas and beliefs.

Step 6 – Review Your Conclusion

Make sure that your conclusion is explicit and persistent. Review your conclusion to evaluate it conveys an effective closure for your content. For an essay, the conclusion must be a summary of your main points or arguments. For blog posts, it might be a request for feedback from the audience. In either case, try to be clear and purposeful.

Step 7 – Review Your Content for Adequacy

Excellent writing reflects a writer’s own perception, ideas and beliefs. Determine if the content conveys a unique outlook on the subject. Critically examine your work for effectiveness. Make sure that the text meets your purpose. Your objective may be to influence, encourage, amuse or educate your audience. Ensure that you’ve done enough to meet your goals.

Step 8 – Ask for Feedback

The revision process would be incomplete until unless you get a second opinion on your writing. One of the ways to get it done is to hire services of any professional writing firm that can provide you with accurate proofreading services. Besides that, you can also ask a friend or colleague who is good at writing to revise your content for you. The next step is to listen to them patiently and positively. Try to use the received criticism for the improvement of your writing skills.

Step 9 – Proofread

First, make all content and structure amendments and then proofread your content for typos, grammar and spelling errors. You can also make use of commercially available spelling checkers and grammar tools to ensure accuracy. Make a hard copy of your content and read it loudly to catch any left out mistakes or errors.

There is nothing like being confident in the work you do. However, small technical mistakes may ruin your overall writing impact and impression. Whether it’s an academic paper or a blog post, never submit your content without revising it for possible errors. Take a cue from this post and be a better writer.

10 Remarkably Practical Study Habits

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

We’re living in a fast-evolving era. Besides studies, students these days are also required to deal with numerous other issues. The key to practical learning isn’t limited to cramming only. You need to study smart instead of just spending hours on your study table.

Scroll down to know some of the most useful study habits that can surely help you improve your learning ability.

  1. Understanding yourself is the Key

    We all follow different approaches when it comes to studies. Important is to resolve the strategy that works best for you.

You can decide a suitable strategy by finding answers to the following questions:

  • What to study?
  • How to study?
  • Where to study?
  • When to study?
  1. Decide Your GoalsOne of the ways to boost your learning process is to set realistic goals and objectives. Your goals must be achievable, determinable, to the purpose and smart.

Make sure to devote all your effort to achieve your objectives. The grade you wish to secure, the number of hours you need to study per day, the subjects you need improvement in are few of the many examples.

  1. Be a Good ListenerYour classroom is certainly the best place where you can polish your skills. Avail each and every moment spent in class. Pay attention to what your teacher is trying to deliver. Note down important points (you can also highlight main points for future reference).

Just after the class, try to put down the summary of your lecture. If you fall into the category of visual learners, add diagrams to comprehend things better. Don’t try to write each and everything word by word, try to pen down the most significant points.

  1. Avoid DisturbanceThe disturbance could show up in different ways. The noise of music coming from other rooms, your smartphone, social media accounts or a talkative roommate are enough reasons to distract you from your studies. These disturbances would not enable you to pursue your study routine as projected. We would suggest you choose a library or any other peaceful place if it’s difficult to grapple with the disturbance in your surroundings.
  2. Be SystematizedBeing systemized is essential to acquiring these useful study habits. Try to keep all your notes and study materials in place. Organize your books in consonance with their subjects and importance. Make sure to bring only those materials and books with you which you feel are important and relevant. By doing so will help you save heaps of your time.

Besides managing your textbooks and other study materials, also try to manage your time well. Making a timetable will help you allocate sufficient time for your studies.

  1. Have a Confident MindsetBeing confident is important if you want to achieve the desired results. Don’t ever consider that you won’t pass a subject even if you aren’t too good at it. Having a positive mindset and believing in you can do wonders for you. The only thing you need to do is to reassure yourself and work hard. You’ll be surprised to see the results.
  2. Associate with a Good Study GroupAssociate with a good study group that can help you improve your study habits. By doing so will give you an opportunity to inquire, discuss and debate on the current topics. However, make very sure to select a right group for you. The team must be loyal and hardworking.

Joining an appropriate group won’t only give you a chance to excel in your academic life, but this will also boost your confidence. You’ll learn to present your ideas and beliefs confidently in front of others and will also know how to respect other’s opinions.

  1. Adopt Healthy RoutineMaintaining a healthy lifestyle is important if you want to have a stress-free living. Try to engage yourself in constructive habits. Take some time out to play your favorite sports to stay fit. Spend some time with your family and friends and talk on general subjects.

In addition to that, being organized in your life will also help you develop effective study habits. A good night sleep, a healthy diet, routine exercise won’t only release stress but also help you retain more information and learn better.

  1. Teach ItLook for someone who doesn’t comprehend the topic and teach it to them. It won’t only give you a better understanding of the topic, but will also help you become more organized and disciplined.
  2. Knowledge is in Your HeadInstead of wasting time in making your notes captivating, try to understand the information in it. Remember, your only objective is to seek knowledge. Never hesitate to use your notebooks to put down your ideas and linking them in your mind.

Developing good study habits isn’t a rocket science. Just be loyal to your work and bring discipline to your life. What do you think of this list? Feel free to give your feedback in the comments section below.