The youth of Russia is facing the biggest dilemma of the century which is to either support or to criticize Vladimir Putin. Realizing the fact that this is one of their fundamental rights, I understand that if I choose to oppose him, it goes into a long war against corruption. If I support his views, which stands for my vote to western democracy; what actually I had chosen, was to oppose him openly by being a journalist who can write truth boldly but my parents did what exactly most of the parents do, they advised me to stay away from political war. I then left for New York as soon as I turned 18 and said Good Bye to Moscow. What else I should have done when there was so much to do in my mind but I was forbidden.

When you leave your country for a new hometown, it is rather impossible to cut yourself off completely from the place where you were born and brought up. You have so much to forget to settle down yourself but still you find a lot of things which seem similar to your old hometown and this happened to me as well. I started feeling that there are things which are quite the same between Moscow and New York.

Putin and Trump are greatly described as populists by their countrymen. When similarities goes beyond the limit, the two persons who are involved start making statements in each other’s favor especially when we are talking about politics. Putin has a charge of being a killer and Trump has strongly defended that. I can’t explain the reason of his point of view but somewhere it is the odd sync among these two which is working behind. As far as the Russian favor for Trump is concerned, a Russian foundry has introduced a silver coin with the bold statement of “In Trump We Trump”. What a great turn!

It is only a month passed in Trump’s presidency and everything has suddenly changed. New York University is visibly under a great panic as I have seen a girl sobbing in one of the professor’s office. She was confessing to be quite inactive for Trump’s victory. University looks like an abandoned place as the halls were empty of students; No lectures were given. Students got mail from the program director to stay at home to be safe. I, couldn’t sleep a bit that night. It was gloomy in my small apartment where I swallowed Indian takeout and cried like an angry kid.

The presidency of Trump was a state of fear for me. I don’t understand why, but whenever I looked at the ‘Trump Tower’ in front of my building, I got perplexed…! Where was the inner me which Moscow brought up? Why I was afraid of telling the truth? Why I felt like handcuffed? I couldn’t even raise voice against the disgusting act done by thugs of New York when they wrote “Trump!!!” all over the walls of Muslims’ mosque.

Among so many changes that has happened after Trump’s victory, there is a very vivid one that Americans’ behavior has changed to bits about their exposure of political views. They used to keep their thoughts about politicians so private. I never saw anything opposing or supporting any political party at university except a hat worn sarcastically saying ‘Make America great again”. Now everything is changed and I have reminded Russian’s bold and clear voices supporting Putin. They were never afraid of anything as they were wining with majority. Some of the supporters I knew personally as my friends. Few of them voted for him just with the flow but they truly got devoted after the anti-Russian sanction started by the western countries.


New York has always been welcoming to all immigrants. No matter from which country they are, they are the same. They are not expected to do as the Roman’s do. Everyone has his own personality. There is no need to mix up to stay there. I am still recognized as a Russian, possibly due to my accent, as so I am always asked about Vodka, mail ordered-brides and communism. Putin is also one of the most questioned subject and Russian hackers too. It is possibly the start of boldness around the country and the voices will never get stopped again.

New York, apparently a safe place is in a doubted state now. I must say that although it is full of constructive peaceful minds, still I am perplexed about the future after the scenario which was created on 3rd Feb. 11 people reportedly doing a protest against a speech given by Gavin McInnes were arrested. He is known for his “Proud Boys” group which is famous for its sexism and racism. Russia emphasizes the story by saying that the protest was genuinely violent as McInnes was pepper sprayed. He then tweeted that “being called a Nazi burned more”. He added that your parents are spending more than 30k pr semester to make you stupider.  Trump’s statement emerged in a tweet saying all the students are “professional anarchists”

I strongly deny the statement here. No matter how silent I have been for all that happening previously, but I stand for my honor, for my fellows’ respect. We are not professional anarchists. We are students of country’s topmost university. We are by no mean “Stupid”.

I hope that the voice of New Yorkers will never stop now. Unlike Moscow, where we failed to changed circumstances, the independent, bold and courageous America will never back off.

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