Descriptive essay must be written in this manner that audience got engaged all their five sense i.e. Sight, smell, touch, sound and taste. If you are able to engage them all then you will be successful in writing the descriptive essay. The main keys points which we must understand before write the Descriptive essay are stated below.

  1. Selection of topic:

Usually the descriptive essay is about single event like some personality or any event or location.

While writing descriptive essay it you responsibly and ability to convince all of your thoughs and thinking to audience. Topic selection is most important in descriptive essay.

  1. Statement Creation

The next important thing is to create the statement of thesis. It will be whole idea which makes prominent your descriptive essay, further it also regulate the information around the essay.

  1. Outline Creation:

Create the outline listing in the beginning of each paragraph. It will easy to write descriptive essay according to outline

  1. Conclusion :

In the end of descriptive essay, must write the descriptive essay, conclusion must be brief because it will be final thing your added in you essay.

  1. Review your descriptive essay:Comprehensively read your descriptive essay, to check your writing error, grammar mistake and punctuation. If any clichés observed, you must delete it.

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