Essay writing is obviously a task that approximately every student will avoid as it is not that interesting to do. Still, there are some brilliant brains that will never show laziness to do research for their essay writing assignment. If someone finds it tough, they take it to the wrong side when they pick the material from the internet and just paste it as it is. This is quite negative approach. You must be creative enough at this level to state your opinion in your own words. Plagiarism is not a good practice for students. If you do not understand how to write non-plagiarized essays, we can guide you about it.

Collect data:

As we all know the Google search engine is our loveliest buddy of all time, we can collect as much material as we need to write an essay. Just pick a full-length topic or take few lines from each page.

Paste it in a word file:

Collect all the material in a word file. Make sure that the tone of essay or speech isn’t disturbed and theme is not distracted.

Find synonyms:

Read all text carefully and where you find a word which is not in your vocabulary, find its synonym by right clicking over the word. After converting all difficult words in to the similar and familiar words, go through it all.


Now that you have understood the idea behind every sentence, start rephrasing the lines one by one. Try to set the order and tone of sentences to make sure that they make sense. Try to use simple words and easy sentences. This way, you will convert everything in your own speech and your essay draft is ready. Give it a final look and remove mistakes. Your 100% not plagiarized essay is ready to view.

Keep one thing in your mind, you have to change every three words of the copied material as Plagiarism checkers and Google’s plagiarism tracker goes for this check. If you are still confused about preparing a non-plagiarized essay, we are here to help you 24/7

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