3 main keys about a presentation

A presentation, as you can understand through the name, is something (content) you are going to present in front of someone (audience). It clearly means that you have to involve all those who are sitting in front of you and address them all while managing interest of your speech. According to presentation writing professionals, there are three main ‘questions’ to concentrate and those are

  • What?
  • Why?
  • How?

What is about the message you want to communicate to the audience. Means to say that what you are delivering to the audience? What benefits they are getting from your speech to them and what results you are going to achieve at the end? So this is the soul of presentation.

Why is another obvious scenario that is going to arise after ‘What’? For example, when you say that this is what I am offering to you guys they will definitely ask that why we should take it? Why should we think like that? Why should it be like this? ‘Why’ is the path towards the relation which that presentation makes between you and your receivers/audience..  When they are asking, you will have to reply their concerns.

How is another question that comes right after when you reply their questions and they are satisfied. Now they are going to ask that how they will be getting what you are presenting to them. By what means they are going to approach or how they are going to contact. Now at this point, be very clear and obvious. Don’t mess up things and make clear statements.

At the end, please keep it in mind that you have to prove what you have just claimed. Don’t leave your audience doubted at all or your presentation will be a failure.