We are offering scholarship to the best deserving students

Do you love writing? Do you have creative ideas with excellent research capabilities? If yes, it’s time now to get serious. Getcustomessayhelp.com is a leading academic writing company whose sole objective is to help students grow and excel in their respective fields. To achieve this, GCEH is glad to announce 2017 scholarship contest to help talented students in their academic path. Every year, we will allocate up to $1500 in scholarships to help worthy students that are thinking about doing wonders.

Does this seem like something you’re excited about? Write us an amazing essay and inspire us with your ingenuity, vision and analytical judgment skills. Look into the details underneath for your possibility at this wonderful opportunity from GCEH.

How It Works

Each year, we decide on three winners in the essay writing competition. The winners will get endowments in the form of tuition fee at their relevant institutes. The successful candidates for first, second or third positions will be given the sum of $1500, $1000 and $500 respectively. Please note that the scholarship reward can only be utilized to invest in tuition fee or academic-associated expenditures. Moreover, there are absolutely no charges affiliated with submitting a request for this scholarship program.

Last Date for Submission

The last date for essay submission is 3rd December 2017

Eligibility Criteria

The GCEH scholarship contest is available for undergraduate and graduate students (current/full time) who are 18 years or above. Candidates must be admitted to, or presently registered in a college or university situated within the US. Please note that only one (1) request per student is granted.


To apply, a candidate should acquire a minimum of 2.5 CGPA and submit 1200-1600 words high-quality essay.

The winner will be decided on the basis of essay content, structure and uniqueness. Judges are angling for logically structured and well-endorsed essays.

Besides this, there are no prerequisites for this scholarship program, just the passion and commitment to be productive in life.

How to Apply

  • Read all the Terms and Conditions
  • The essay should incorporate the word count along with all personal details that you can send an email to scholarship@getcustomessayhelp.com

Selection Process & Winner Notification

Your submitted essays will be assessed by the GCEH scholarship committee and the final winner will be declared on 1st January 2018.

  • The top three contestants, as chosen by the committee, will be informed through email.
  • Winners will be declared to the public at Winners

Terms and Conditions

  • The scholarship rewards can only be used for tuition fee, books, supplies or other education-related expenditures
  • Once presented, a check will be drafted to the receiver’s enrolled institute (school/college) and be given the credit for academic expenses.
  • The scholarship cannot be renewed and is only applicable for a single-semester period.
  • Receivers are only qualified to receive the scholarship award only once throughout their life
  • In case applicant does not fulfill the declared essentials, the scholarship award then will be granted to the next suitable candidate
  • The submitted content must be an authentic effort of the candidate. Any attempt of infringement and plagiarism will result in the candidate’s instant elimination and disqualification
  • Applicants are not allowed to contact contest judges or any other person from the essay contest committee for any reason. Doing so will bring about disqualification of a candidate
  • Decisions taken and declared by the judges are indisputable and final
  • Any essay that does not meet the set standards and stated requirements or is submitted after the needed deadline will be ineligible
  • By acknowledging the scholarship reward, winners give getcustomessayhelp.com the prerogative to use their work (essay) without any restriction and to use their private information (name, location, qualification, etc.) in advertising material, excluding where it is unlawful
  • GCEH contest committee will make every possible effort to read and assess every provided essay, however, it will not be answerable for failure to view/judge an essay
  • Any award a candidate has won in the contest can be instantly canceled if it is found that the applicant has dishonored any of the standards and rules or regulations
  • In no case will getcustomessayhelp.com will be accountable to the candidate for any special, disciplinary or substantial or indirect fines
  • In case the number of applications exceeds presumption, GCEH may amend deadline to a prior date. Those students who intend to participate in the competition should make effort to submit their essays as quick as possible
  • All taxes including federal, government, local or other on scholarship award will be the sole responsibility of a participant and therefore will be paid by him/her
  • Once you apply with GCEH, all essay rights will be transferred to XXX and the company can freely use, share, imitate or distribute the content