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Writing is a super effective habit which can work in so many different ways. If you can adopt writing as a habit, it will pay you off sooner or later but the most difficult part is that how to add writing to your hobbies or daily routine. People who feel themselves to have creative instinct, often complain that they want to share their ideas with society but they often find themselves unable to write on some specific topic. It is not because they do not have sufficient vocabulary but it is something else that is hindering their way. To them, let me explain that writing can be beneficial only when it is more than a hobby. It is worthy to be added in your life like other tasks which you do in routine. Now the question which emerges in our minds is how, and what we have to write daily?

It is not an easy thing to write daily but you can make yourself comfortable and interested in doing a few things. Keep one thing in your mind that writing means ‘writing’. It doesn’t always mean to be a creative writing or a complete essay writing or article. When you want to write daily, you have to write in so many ways so that you do not get bored by your routine of writing. We have gathered here a few things which you can keep in practice if you want to be a good writer. Just be confident and believe in one thing that writing is something quite interesting, we make it a hectic or burdening job ourselves because we keep on the same track and it leads us to drop things so quickly because we start getting bored.

Creative Writing

  1. Write something on a neat, blank paper. You can do it every day if you do not fix the word count for this purpose. You can either write a few lines, a paragraph or a small blog post. Do not force yourself to write, just do as much as you can. Writing on a blank paper polishes your creativity and makes you feel like you have the honor to be a professional writer. Make a file to keep all of your piece of writings together.
  2. Rewrite, or edit something that you have already written. Make one thing clear that you can find so many things changeable or demanding details when you will read your written material every time. You will find it interesting to edit it and write it in some other way.
  3. Restructuring the material, you have already written is yet another amazing writing activity to do. All these activities will make writing a blast of fun for you. You will enjoy writing rather than working with a bored and burdened mind.
  4. Enlist all that you have written. Take out a paper and gather all the material consisting quotes, small paragraphs, lines and short stories. Just make a combined document consisting all that content.
  5. Recheck the foot notes and go through all the reference citations for accuracy. It is not completely a writing job but is relevant and can add taste to your daily writing tasks.
  6. Compose an idea or framework to start working on a brand new idea. Arouse yourself for research and gathering material. Psychology says that a person can lose his interest when he feels things going on a settled route and to keep yourself warmed up, you need new ideas to work on. The very beginning of a new idea makes your mind fresh and eager to work again.
  7. Try to write a summary of a document which you have already written. You will have to take some time to go through a previously written work but once you have read it completely, you will find yourself ready to judge and describe what exactly you meant to say in it. Simply speaking, you will be writing a summary of your previous document.
  8. Ever written an article or a guest post that they rejected? It can be another interesting thing to do when you have promised yourself to write, write and write. Try recomposing that rejected essay or article and try to send it for submission again.
  9. Add a bit of drawing in your writing. Make diagrams, pictures, tables, drawings or relevant charts to add spice to your writing.
  10. Write a reverse outline, go through the documents which are closed with the ending result, try to extract further point to write some relevant information about it.

All of these ten tips will let you add writing to your blood. You can polish your creative skills by writing under different outlines. If you will start writing on blank paper for every single day, you will lose your interest and you will not feel motivated to write. Some of the colleges or academies might oppose this criterion that you should write daily. I seriously don’t understand that how to change their point of view but there is one thing I can claim that they haven’t yet tasted the spice of writing in your life. If you become expert enough to write about any topic, you will feel yourself quite strong, bold and independent as writing gives a strength to a common human being so start writing today!

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