When we discuss about essay writing, the first thing that comes into our mind is vocabulary. It is no doubt the first and foremost tool to cope with essay writing practice. If you have a strong grip at the language which you are using to write an essay, you can easily impress a reader and convey your message properly. If your vocabulary is poor, your essay will lake interest and magic to draw a reader’s attention.

Vocabulary is not only the treasure box of simple words, there is so much more which comes under the term. For example there are idioms, phrases, famous sayings, exact impressions and transition words. All of these spices are use to add taste to your speech. Without these ingredients, you will be unable to make it to the level of a Top-Notch essay. Today we are going to discuss about those magical transition words and phrases that will take your essay to an excellent level for sure.

Important tip: Before moving ahead, there is a tip which I want to share with all of you. Like many other things in our lives which are still new for us and we can’t use them properly, these speech tools are also absurd when used inappropriately. Before using any of these transition words, make sure that you have correct understanding of them and you can adjust them at exact place. Only then you can create an excellent piece of writing. If you are not sure about why you are using a specific term and for which purpose, your whole essay will looks clumsy and lumbered.

Specific Words for Adding Information

When you are talking about a detailed topic in an essay, you have to put in lots of information. You can either keep it simple or you can make it a bit more appealing by adding some transition words for adding more info. For Example;

  • Furthermore:

Furthermore is a transition word that is used to add some relevant information to the discussion that is currently being conversed.

  • Meanwhile or Simultaneously:

Meanwhile and simultaneously both are the words which are used to talk about the happenings which occur at the same time.

  • Subsequently:

You can use subsequently or afterwards to talk about something that happens after some fact.

  • Moreover:

It is another word that is used to add more information, it is similar to furthermore. You can also use More so at its place.

  • Similarly:

Similarly is a word that is used to talk with the agreement of a thing that you have just said.

Contrast or Comparison

Another scenario is when you are discussing about some comparison or contrast. There are so many transition words that can handle the matter beautifully and make your essay look excellently written.

  • However:

However is a word which you can use to talk about something that is totally opposite of what you have previously said.

  • Having said that:

You can use ‘having said that’ or ‘on the other hand’ on a place where you will use ‘but’ in simple words.

  • Yet:

Yet is a simple word that puts your sentence to a high ranked one. You can use yet where you are going to introduce a contrasting idea.

  • On the other hand:

On the other hand’ is also used when you are reporting something that is going in contrast with existing situation.

  • Whereas:

Whereas is a beautiful word that joins two sentences that are going in contrast with one another.


Now here comes the most important part of an essay which is the resulting speech, the ending lines or the conclusion part. The words or phrases which are used to conclude an essay should be picked carefully as they summarize your whole speech.

  • In conclusion:

In conclusion’ as it looks like, is used to conclude the discussion which has been done in the essay above.

  • Above all:

Above all is used when you have discussed multiple views, ideas, opinions or points and there finally you are going to explain the most important idea at the end

  • Persuasive:

Persuasive is used to summarize the most compelling argument.

  • All things considered:

All things considered’ is a phrase which rolls up all of the ideas previously discussed and concludes the whole essay.

  • Finally:

Finally is a simple yet convincing ending word which tells your reader that the essay has reached to its end.

You can use all of the transition words appropriately to create top-notch essays. Make sure to understand and practice them before creating an essay or you will end up with a rather lower level essay.

Beside all that facts that how impressively you are writing and which language you have chosen to create an article, there is another important fact which is to consider and that is selecting a good topic to write about. You can find a good list of unique ideas here at “Unearthing Important Essay Topics for Competitive Exams”

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