Types of Essays – A Basic Guide to Master Them All

Essay writing is believed to be one of the most common and significant elements of student’s life. Professors off and on ask their students to attempt essays as it is an integral aspect of their syllabus. Academic essays act as a persuasive approach for the instructors to judge the abilities, intelligence and competence of every student.

There are basically different kinds of essays and being a student, you’ll be required to attempt them all during your educational career. Definitely, majority of students may not have a clear idea about all these types. To simplify things, we’ve gathered a list of all basic essay types so that you can do them effectively if assigned by your supervisor.

  • Expository Essay

As the name suggests, the expository essay is a type of explanatory piece of content, in which writer try to present a theme or subject matter to the reader. The primary purpose of this type is to exhibit an objective investigation of a subject. In expository essays, the writer explains a subject using factual data and present logic in a brief yet all-inclusive manner.

Type of Essay

  • Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays are the very basic yet important type of academic essay. In this type, students are needed to demonstrate an experience, object, place, situation and so on. It gives students an opportunity to form an explanation on a specific experience. This type of academic essay enables writers to introduce their creative freedom.

Type of Essay

  • Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are usually personal, observational and practical. Narrative essays enable students to convey themselves in a creative and impressive ways. Generally, people think that this type of essay is comparatively easy to write, however, the fact is it is not.


  • Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay aka persuasive essay’s primary purpose is to convince a reader about a particular concept and belief. In this type of academic essays, the writer should include logics and evidences to support their argumentations. While attempting argumentative essays, the primitive objective of the writer is to convince reader to acknowledge a certain way of thinking. Persuasive essays require exceptional research and a comprehensive awareness of both sides of the topic you are explaining.


  • Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essay is another common type of academic essay that the students are needed to deal with during their academic career. Attempting this essay requires students to form an outline in which one activity or event caused specific reactions to roll in. This essay type is a simple way of organizing and discussing logics in an academic framework.


  • Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and contrast essay basically provide details regarding the dissimilarities and similarities between two events, places, things or persons. The primary goal of compare and contrast essay is that the author must focus on the approaches in which certain aspects or logics are identical to or different from each other.


  • Admission Essay

Admission essay is all about personal statement. It is basically a written statement outlined by a student applying to some institute. Today, admission essays are considered to be an integral element of the university or graduate school admissions process. In this essay type, students are required to highlight his or her personal experiences, academic achievements, future goals and a reason to register to a specific institute.


  • Analytical Essay

Practically, analytical essay means the representation of writer’s arguments in connection with what they’re actually testing. In an analytical essay, the writer will be concentrating on analyzing deeply about some other piece of content. Thus, you require a subject and do thorough research on it to have sufficient evidence that endorses your arguments.

  • Term Paper Essay

Term paper essay is considered to be one of the most important elements in a student’s academic life. It’s a type of lengthy research paper that is formulated by students on certain subject and demonstrates an event, or an idea in depth.

  • Definition Essay

Definition essay is basically a brief piece of content on a particular topic. In order to attempt this type of essay, a student is required to explain a statement carrying complex meaning. It’s in writer’s hands to make definition essay simple if they select a less objective or abstract subject that can be easily refined through education or experience.


  • Critical Essay

Critical essay is an analysis of content such as a story, book, movie or any work of art. The primary objective of critical essays is to exhibit a text or an examination of some attribute of a text.


  • Five Paragraph Essay

As name implies, a five paragraph essay is a construction of essay containing five paragraphs. This type of essay should contain an introduction, three paragraphs containing the meat/body of an essay and final conclusion. The introduction part should explain the purpose or main theme of an essay; body paragraph should include sufficient evidences to support your claim, whereas the concluding segment should summarize the complete essay.

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