Can You Solve The Viral 11×11 = 4 Puzzle? The Correct Answer Explained

Detailed Answer Of the Quiz:

Thanks for participating the quiz, it sure gave you a tough time to solve it…No?

Human brain is just like a multifunctioning device and it can produce thousands of solutions of a problems in a few seconds. It surely is a game of intelligence quotient (IQ) which can either take you straight to the right solution or keep you perplexed for a while. Our little puzzle seems to be quite easy for some GENIUS brains, still we have got so many answers of a single question… well, it is not possible to give award to all of you. Means there are only few who are the REAL GENIUSES and the rest are still working to reach the level.

Here are the answers we have received from all over the world, sounds like there are so many talented people around

  • 36
  • 52
  • 44
  • 81
  • 93

Seems confusing, eh!

We understand that confusions and curiosity can leave a person with ants in his pants, so we have solved the MYSTERY for you. Here is the link with the video containing the whole formula to do it and Yes! it is SOLVED!

Please don’t underestimate your IQ, if you still can prove us wrong, you can comment below and define your Solution. We invite all brainy bees

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