How to Write a Great Hook for Your Essay

Writing an essay doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t exhibit your talent. The general perception about essay writing is that it’s a piece of content that needs to be well-supported by authentic sources and that’s all about it. However, the fact is an essay shouldn’t be uninteresting or too academic. As a writer, the most important thing is to keep your readers engaged and grab their attention.

Essay hooks are meant to cater the similar purpose. It acts as an introduction and helps your audience decide whether they wish to continue reading the rest of the essay or not.


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Things to Consider Before Writing a Strong Hook for Your Essay

  • The type of essay you intend you write
  • The tone and style you’re planning to use
  • Your target audience
  • The structure you need to create

Why are Essay Hooks Important?

When it comes to essay writing, the most difficult thing is to get started. Especially, writing the first two or three lines is the most challenging part of the whole essay writing process.

These few lines, in fact, help you make or break the interest of your readers. If the introductory paragraph is fresh and intriguing, people will pay more attention to the content. An impressive introduction will also define the purpose of your paper, giving your audience a better picture of the remaining content.


First Sentence


Things to Avoid While Writing an Introduction of Your Essay

Let’s have a look at some of the things you should never use in the opening lines of your essay. For example, avoid using sentences like ‘Hello, my name is and I am going to write about …’. As an established writer, you’ve to be very careful in selecting the right words for your introduction. Introducing yourself this way will give a feeling of immature writing and definitely won’t leave a good impact on your readers.

Keep in mind, your introduction gives your readers a motivation to continue with the content and if it’s not that effective, the readers will perhaps not interested in reading the remaining content.

Another common mistake made by writers is that they omit the introductory part of the essay as a whole. Beginners generally make such mistakes as they’re so excited to start writing on the particular subject that they skip the beginning section and directly start talking about the topic without even providing any introduction. The results are always confusing and you’ll end up delivering a paper that’s not only complicated but highly unprofessional too.


Essay hooks


How to Write a Catchy Hook for your Essay?

  • A Scholarly Quote: This kind of opening is suitable when you’re writing about a specific writer, publication, story, etc. Including a literary quote will give depth to your writing and make it sound crisp and interesting.
  • Quotes From Popular PeopleUsing a quote from a famous and persuasive person can help back your argument and form an impressive hook. However, make sure to relate the quote with the content of your essay.
  • AnecdoteWhile writing an introduction of your essay, try to be as experimental and creative as you can. Starting your essay with a humorous sentence will help you grab your reader’s interest.
  • Include a QuestionOne of the ways to make your introduction impressive and mystifying is to pose a question. By doing so will help you retain the interest of your audience and they will continue reading the essay till the end to know the answer.
  • Add an Inspirational Fact These kinds of hooks begin by astonishing the audience with something unknown to them. Include a compelling fact or definition regarding something you’re planning to include in the meat of your essay and your readers will keep on reading to unearth the facts.
  • State your Point of ViewThere is absolutely no harm in getting straight to the subject, provided you have an impressive take on a topic. You can begin your essay by stating the thesis in the beginning and the readers will continue reading the content to see where you turn up with your beliefs.
  • Always Teach Your Readers Something NewThe most impressive essays will explain the audience something new. Try to start your introduction by exhibiting that a generally acknowledged fact is actually untrue, your audience will be immediately hooked.
  • List StatisticsBy using validated statistics at the start of your essay, you’ll trigger interest that can be followed through the rest of the paper.


Writing a compelling hook for your essay isn’t a rocket science. It’s about how well you include facts and statistics into your paper. Make sure to experiment new things as writing is all about creativity and passion. Take a cue from this post and create an awe-inspiring hook for your next essay. Happy writing!



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