How to Write a Winning College Essay

College Essay Tips


Applying to college is tiring and annoying, but the college essay is your only chance to acculturate yourself as a candidate. Writing a good college essay is quite challenging though. As a writer, you need to be very cautious about all the technical elements of an essay.

From writing an impressive introduction to developing a compelling conclusion, you’ve to pay attention to each and every minor detail to craft a winning essay. Scroll down to unearth some of the useful tips and tricks that will surely help you write an amazing college essay.


  • Allot Your Time

Proper time allocation is what that takes your ordinary first draft into something real imperative and extraordinary. Never rush! Try to allocate decent time duration to your essay writing process to give your ideas an opportunity to pervade. However, never prolong this process for more than a month to retain the spirit. If you lay them aside for too long, it’s difficult to attain the similar kind of enthusiasm that you got when your concepts were new.


Time Management


  • Choose Your topic Carefully

While selecting a topic for your essay, make sure to keep the purpose in mind. The admission committee wants to know you better. They’ve looked at your ranks, test scores and areas of interests, so they’re well-informed about how good you’ll be in your class. But what makes your personality stand out in the crowd? What kinks makes your classmates adore you? Choose a subject that presents you as a candid, honest and a charismatic individual


Topic Logo

  • Avoid Controversial Subjects

Some subjects are more controversial than the others. Avoid such topics that make you look like a burden to the college. Discussing your travel journeys that accentuate more about the places you’ve visited will look irrelevant. Also, avoid using a humorous tone in your essay as it will leave a bad impact on the officer.


Controversial Issues


  • Write When You’re Feeling Good

Your writing hugely depends on your mood. If you’re feeling angry, upset or cocky, your writing will reflect your mood and will engage the reader accordingly. Similarly, if you’re feeling happy, motivated or inspired, your essay will convey the similar vibes to the reader. It’s not possible to control someone’s reaction to your writing, but you can control your emotions when you plan to write.


Time To Write


  • Follow the Word Count

Typically, a college essay comprises of 500-600 words. However, the word count depends on the instructions provided by your targeted college. Make sure to go through the guidelines and instruction sheet ahead of writing your college essay. It’s highly advisable to adhere to the guidelines and never exceed the word limit guided by the college. Make use of the best words and phrases to persuade your reader. Try to inspire your reader in each and every added line.


Word Count


  • Ask for Feedback

A typical fallacy in the college entrance procedure is that you require paying heavily for expert opinion. The good news is you can also acquire a feedback without paying a penny. How? Look for the friends or relatives with powerful language skills. Ask them to revise your essay and provide you with a genuine feedback. Respect the criticism and use it to improve your writing skills.


Feedback Heads


  • Proofread

Your first draft acts like a blueprint that needs to be refined and polished to become a finished product. Pay attention to make your draft turn into a flawless essay by keeping a strict check on spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Besides these basic mistakes, also emphasize on the tone and overall structure of your essay. You can even hire services of a professional writing firm to revise and edit your essay for you.




  • Handle Your Subject Well

Your style of writing is what that push readers to continue reading your statement till the end. Instead of focusing on the subject only, make certain to refine the ways to handle your topic. Make your reader curious to keep on reading the complete statement.


Idea Plan Action


  • It’s All About Revelation

The purpose of admission committee is to hunt down students who want to learn and excel, so your essay must present you learning and excelling. Instead of just bragging about or describing the events and experiences, try to include the things you’ve actually learned from those experiences. Explain how these events helped you become a better person. Depict the whole learning process in the finest of words possible.



Your college essays tell something meaningful about you that your test results and grades fail to reveal. It can provide admission committee a sense of who you are, your interests and above all your amazing writing skills. Try these tips to write a winning essay that will surely act as a ticket to your dream institution. Good Luck!




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